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WIL: Week 5

1. I did a lot of dancing this weekend. More than I've done in the last couple of years (for various reasons.) Dancing is fun and I enjoy it. 

a. Apparently Lady Mabel is Jane's dance partner if Jane thinks that Lady Mabel is looking a little sad to NOT be dancing. 
b. Zach Baker and Ian Rhodes are awesome...yet evil at the same time. However mad props to both of them for not stepping on the dress during a crazy dance of death.
c. One day I'll have danced Spangoletta enough to remember how to do it without being coached each step. o.O

2. Who knew that lighting Jane Parker on fire and firing her via trebuchet would be the greatest mental image ever?

3. Limericks with Lady Mabel...also a good time.

4. ...and codpieces. 
(Lady Mabel [Emily] is just awesome in general.

5. Do not know how to handle compliments, in character or otherwise. 

6. Billy Scott is awesome and will sit and play cards with me in the mornings when I can't walk.
a. I like Sundays and card time with him and Art Wright and Guillermo Vi......I can't spell his last name. :-(  I could look it up but that requires a lot of energy for a Sunday night.

a. teaching patrons games that I like...or just talking to them from a bench is something I'm good at and enjoy.
    i. even IF I still think I'm failing mildly at my job and will fret about being lame all day.

7. There is an art to laying down when you are a court lady. 

a. I'm afraid Dana's lessons will have been for naught. I'm not all that graceful. >.<  

Aside from our first REALLY REALLY hot day... this was a good weekend. 

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Nah, it has nothing to do with being graceful. But it is the different between looking like you actually meant to lie down and looking like you passed out from a night of drunken carousing with the crew of the Seahawks. Trust me, there have been many times I have been far less than graceful.

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