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WIL Week 4

1. "You suck at self-evaluation..."  Yup. That's me all over. Working on it boss.

2. I think I may have brought a couple of fathers close to tears. Not those happy tears. Those "omg....my daughter's 4 and I have some lady asking her if she wants to marry her son...." tears. 

a. bwahahaha...

3. I love chalk boards. And being told the equivalent of "have fun." 

a. bahahaha...

4. Two of the cutest girls in the world singing Edelweiss is OMG CUTE.

5. Some of the Royal Guard's green sashes having AMAZING senses of humour and timing.

Me: *after explaining to a patron who asked why I don't have Highland Games anymore or Chess Match* They're punishing me for being a klutz and have even told me to sit all day. They've taken all of what I do away! *over exaggerated sigh*

Greensash: *hands me a Royal Guard recruitment card*

I almost died laughing.

6. Roughly learned the Amaroso  with Father Francis. 

7. I, who am not a Mom in reality, have Mom voice when I feel the need. 

I need to remember to bring my cards if I'm going to have to spend Sunday's mostly sitting. That way I have SOMETHING to do and won't feel a HUGE need to wander and make friends. 



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