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WIL Week 3
1. Forgetting ones corset is distressing. And makes for a crap start to a day.

2. Lady Eleanor Brandon and Lady Jane Dudley marching Cromwell off a board is funny to see (and do!)

3. I will attempt to hold every baby I see. OMG.
 a. Sarah and Zamorah. ZOMG. !!!!!

4. I find myself wanting to learn Court Dance. At least a couple of them. *shrug*

5. For whatever reason breaking a sword in the yard just makes everyone shrug in that "Well, it's ShayWhat...what do you expect" way. Pbbbbpht!!

6. Feeling the need to leave early in order to PREVENT injury makes me feel lame and completely useless as a performer.

 a. that being said escorting me to the keep, to make sure I don't fall, turns into Limpies. I will insist on doing hit and runs as I leave.

b. PEOPLE WHO STAND IN CIRCLES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD PISS ME OFF AND MAKE THEMSELVES TARGETS. Stop blocking the path for other people you gits! Or at least be entertaining while being stupid.

That being said

Me: If you're going to stand in a circle at least TRY to be interesting...

Annoying Man: *lifts up shirt to show of "muscles"*

Me: Sorry love, I'm married and my husband is much more interesting. Perhaps if you were built and roughly 6 inches taller.

c. Christina Clark is, quite possibly, the best Frenemy to have. Ever.

7. My plan to step outside my comfort zone and attempt Walkies with people I've never really done walkies with was both a success and a failure. A success in that I did it (though, not with everyone I intended as I had left early) and a failure in that...well its me. I was still heavily intimidated by whom I was with and couldn't make words come out of my mouth that were especially useful to...anyone. Soooo...yay? *sigh*


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