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New character has been approved. It'll be a challenge because, honestly, its something I always said I wouldn't do for various reasons. But, for the sake of forcing me to move slowly and be more careful of my foot, this is a good move. And I'm pretty excited about it. ^.^

Now to figure out dialect and songs and character and OMG STUFF

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omg yes. I'm not even sure where to start. All I've managed to do is pull out the Primer and stare at it. Every time I open my mouth Katherine Boothe comes out sounding a bit more snooty than normal. lol

Yay! That's awesome. Wish I could come see you this year. <3

you COULD try...but I'll understand if you're all busy owning your own practice and all. ^.^ <3 you.

If I can help in any way, please let me know :~)

~~Matthew That HC&M Director Guy~~

Thank you, Matthew. ^.^

I think I have read and found just about everything I can on her. Shay had a great book on the Dudley family for me to read. It just comes back to that whole she is female and, thusly, wasn't important enough to keep tabs on. There's LOTS of conflicting information to work with. I think it'll just come down to how I want to play her. ^.^

-Shannon The OMG Conflicting Info Sucks Gal. ^.^

Yeah, I know the feeling. Playing some of the less documented historical figures of the period can be frustrating when trying to find source material. BUT it can also be liberating. Less expectations from fellow cast members and patrons alike on how your character should be played and more freedom in that area as a result.

Something that may interest you - and that you may choose to use or not as you wish - is that when I was playing the Lord Exeter, John Dudley was his best and most dangerous agent as King Henry's spymaster. A sort of 1533 James Bond...on the down low, of course ;~).

~~Kt3 the Rambling~~

I could totally use that! HA.

I know that historically the Dudley's ran in Cromwell's circle and John was about as friendly as anyone actually ever GOT with Cromwell. So I have that in my back pocket as well.

She's kinda snobby in my head honestly. Which'll be fun. And a name dropper. OH lord, a name dropper.

The parts that get me is that half the sources say that she was tutored with the Princess Mary and the other half say "nuh-uh" based on the fact she's 6/7 years older. So, I can either play that card or not. AND....ahhhhhh! The possibilities. >.

That sounds fun :~)

It would be interesting to see someone in the Court who actually *likes* Cromwell and gets along with him well. They did exist, there were just more in the other camp (especially as the years went on).

Just conjecturing, though.

~~Kt3 In No Official Capacity~~

yeah, I've already talked (mostly at) Matt Rhodes.

lol gonna have to retrain myself to respect the Lord Secretary instead of mock him endlessly. C'est le vie. ^.^

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