I'm only as here as you want me to be.


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on a more depressing note
It is, occasionally, sad that no one thinks of me.

I always feel like I am forcing myself and my person on others.


Right. Research Cave! *rushes off*

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(Deleted comment)

1 part usual paranoia/lack of self-esteem/self-worth

2 parts the only time anyone ever really has a "need" for me is when they need something.

Not true of everyone...but it feels like true of most people I would consider friends. Social outcast? Mostly? Yeeaaah....

*hugscuddlesloves* I wish we lived closer so I could show you just how often I think of you. Of course then you'd send me back to Chicago because you'd be whoa annoyed by me. I must strive to be better at this whole technology thing and poke at you more often. I love you dearest. <3<3<3

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