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WIL: Week 7 (The Happy Edition)

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WIL: Week 6
1. Even when you're having a crap week and wondering why you continue to do this even though you KNOW you suck (when compared to all the other amazing people out there), a completely unexpected compliment from a person you really respect will make things seem a little less painful.

2. New boots that don't suck will make doing your job amazingly easy and full of win with an extra dose of Awesome Sauce.

3. Enjoy being court. Still trying to find my niche in the group. Not sure there is one? Will continue proposing marriage to little boys and girls and make their parents go *shudder*

a. I proposed to two unborn babies! Bwahahaha....poor mom's to be.

4. It is possible to make it from Faire to Shay and Donna's house and back to Faire in just under 2 hours. *nod*

a. it involves 85 mph and 80s rock.

5. "I'm a mother, I know these things! "   I saw this a lot. For a variety of purposes. Actual mothers will nod sagely and agree with me 90% of the time. Its all about conviction.

a. "6 sons, 1 daughter. 2 sons named Henry. Why we named two sons, who are living, Henry I will never know."  Also something I say regularly. To which mother's blink and say "Moment of crazy or not thinking for when they get older and you'll have to shout at them"

WIL: Week 5

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Aside from our first REALLY REALLY hot day... this was a good weekend. 

WIL Week 4

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WIL Week 3
1. Forgetting ones corset is distressing. And makes for a crap start to a day.

2. Lady Eleanor Brandon and Lady Jane Dudley marching Cromwell off a board is funny to see (and do!)

3. I will attempt to hold every baby I see. OMG.
 a. Sarah and Zamorah. ZOMG. !!!!!

4. I find myself wanting to learn Court Dance. At least a couple of them. *shrug*

5. For whatever reason breaking a sword in the yard just makes everyone shrug in that "Well, it's ShayWhat...what do you expect" way. Pbbbbpht!!

6. Feeling the need to leave early in order to PREVENT injury makes me feel lame and completely useless as a performer.

 a. that being said escorting me to the keep, to make sure I don't fall, turns into Limpies. I will insist on doing hit and runs as I leave.

b. PEOPLE WHO STAND IN CIRCLES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD PISS ME OFF AND MAKE THEMSELVES TARGETS. Stop blocking the path for other people you gits! Or at least be entertaining while being stupid.

That being said

Me: If you're going to stand in a circle at least TRY to be interesting...

Annoying Man: *lifts up shirt to show of "muscles"*

Me: Sorry love, I'm married and my husband is much more interesting. Perhaps if you were built and roughly 6 inches taller.

c. Christina Clark is, quite possibly, the best Frenemy to have. Ever.

7. My plan to step outside my comfort zone and attempt Walkies with people I've never really done walkies with was both a success and a failure. A success in that I did it (though, not with everyone I intended as I had left early) and a failure in that...well its me. I was still heavily intimidated by whom I was with and couldn't make words come out of my mouth that were especially useful to...anyone. Soooo...yay? *sigh*

WIL: Week 2
1. With the right Pain Cocktail there'll will be less, more manageable pain. 

a. the doctor recommending arthritic pain meds made me sad and feel older than I am. But, they worked. Soooo yay?

2. Walkies with Bill McCurry have a way of making you feel not as retarded as you normally do. Not sure how it works, but kudos to Bill for having that particular talent.

3. Mistress Brewer is an agent of devil and demands her 10%.

4. 6 O'Clock joust is freaking awesome but Jane spends most of it thinking "Pft, my husband is much better than all of them."  Poor Girl. She has a Husband Complex.

5. Honesty in ALL THINGS Lord Rochford. 

6. Babies are adorable. Babies that make even the Lord Secretary coo and giggle at them are more so. Huzzah to Zamorah!

7. At least I look moderately okay while in pain? 

8. Want to do more walkies with other people. Anyone game?

New character has been approved. It'll be a challenge because, honestly, its something I always said I wouldn't do for various reasons. But, for the sake of forcing me to move slowly and be more careful of my foot, this is a good move. And I'm pretty excited about it. ^.^

Now to figure out dialect and songs and character and OMG STUFF

Curse you time periods that didn't keep track of influential women because women weren't important, thus making my research into a person harder since I can only find information when she's connected to her husband.

I bite my thumb at thee!


on a more depressing note
It is, occasionally, sad that no one thinks of me.

I always feel like I am forcing myself and my person on others.


Right. Research Cave! *rushes off*

Character proposal submitted. Fingers crossed. >.<

Off to the "more research needed!!!" Cave...


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